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Changshu Golden Oak Green Technology Co., Ltd., independently invested by Jiangsu Jinfang Knitting Co, Ltd., covers an area of 235mu (1mu≈667 square meters). Inside the agriculture ecological park there is a network of restaurants, fishing, fruit picking, bonsai, flowers, chess and card rooms. The coverage of water surface is 35mu, hillside fields totaling 35mu and flower greenhouse up to 3,000 square meters. It locates pet feeding area of peacocks, pigeons, turkeys and mandarin ducks. More than 20,000 fruit trees and rare trees are growing here. It has been awarded as one of the three "four-star" happiest farm houses in possession of the largest citron fruit garden in Jiangnan region and the most numerous in variety of orchids. Changshu Golden Oak Green Technology Co., Ltd. mostly undertakes urban landscaping, afforestation, road greening and enterprise garden greening. Our service scope ranges from landscape design, wood supply to construction. Our project has gained a good reputation including the roof garden of five-star Changshu Sheraton Hotel and the green space of Changshu University Town, etc. The international trade department of our company is mainly engaged in high-end mineral water, high-quality special and local products and healthy organic food, etc. It owns strong marketing channel supplied for RT-Mart, Auchan, etc. It also sells more than 10 kinds of well-known products like "Deyu" mineral water and "Deyu" natural camellia as the sole distributor of China and Jiangsu Province. Sincerely welcome to Golden Oak!  
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